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Our Process

Our approach is fully collaborative, leveraging your knowledge of the business with our problem-solving methodologies and broad management experience. We adhere to a four-step approach:

Carefully defining a successful engagement

We adhere to clearly defined, client-driven objectives and will frequently review our progress with you to ensure we are working toward an agreed-upon outcome.

A prompt but thorough diagnostic assessment of your company

We understand the importance of a thorough situational assessment. You will need a complete understanding of the internal and external problems facing the company in order to evaluate your strategic options. Our analysis begins with the list of known business problems and then flows quickly through a comprehensive review of the company’s entire operation. We apply our knowledge of best practices to analyze management and staffing issues, internal systems and controls, operational processes and constraints, industry trends, product development, sales management, marketing, finance and banking, vendor and supplier issues, customer service and quality systems. Our findings in each of these areas flow directly into your new business plan.

The development of a new business plan

We’ll help you develop what’s often needed most: an effective plan of action. Our experience and comprehensive business planning tools help ensure an accurate assessment and guide the preparation of an excellent road map for your management team. This plan is both the blueprint for the “new” company and an action list for returning your business to profitability.

Assistance with implementation of your new plan

To ensure a successful outcome and the achievement of your goals, we will assist with the implementation of your plan. Whenever possible, we ask your senior personnel to work as members of the turnaround team. The most important benefits of this approach are (a) the productivity of the consulting professional is enhanced, (b) your costs are reduced, and (c) the experience and benefits received by the members of the turnaround team will be of substantial value to your business. We strive on every engagement to use this collaborative arrangement without losing the most important values we bring to your company: our objectivity and independence.