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We’ve Got The Horses.

You want an ally with preeminent professional skills, unshakable integrity, a tenacious spirit, and a commitment to your best interests. But most of all, you want someone who can produce results. These are the attributes we value as well.

Our professionals are, first and foremost, operators. We are drawn to, and concentrate upon, the sales, financial and operational issues that are causing the company’s profitability problems. In addition, we have earned a reputation as solid transactional experts and excellent deal-makers. We consistently apply this unique blend of operational and transactional expertise as we strive to bring you an outstanding outcome.

There is a skill set that is uniquely applicable to the turnaround trade, and nothing can replace the experience of working day in, day out, with companies in serious trouble. Our professionals have devoted a substantial part of their careers to revitalizing distressed businesses, and our team consistently delivers outstanding results for our clients around the world.